Are You An Action Taker?

by on July 23, 2011

Have you been searching for the answers to help you move forward in life?

If so how long have you been searching? A week, a month, a year, 10 years?

Action And Discipline Are The Keys To Success

Okay so maybe you have heard this before or maybe you haven’t either way I can guarantee you if you think back to any past experiences where you achieved any level of success in your life you will see those two key elements appear every single time.

Now when I say success it doesn’t have to be a huge achievement like running a successful business or making a fortune, it can be anything of importance to you.

Examples could include getting on the school football team, winning a sports competition, getting a job, buying your first car, finding your partner etc are all achievements in there own right but to achieve these you would of first needed discipline to prepare for what was required then you would have had to take action otherwise nothing would have happened.

So lets say, if you didn’t practice your football skills (the discipline) and then go to the trials for the team (the action) you wouldn’t have made the team and so you wouldn’t have been successful to make the team.

The big problem is that most people go through life not realising that this is what makes the difference to anything they want to do even though everyone has experienced it at some point and usually without realising and so they never actually achieve the greater things they dream about.

Most people lack motivation aswell but this can easily be overcome by simply taking action, just small amounts of disciplined action on a daily basis over time will produce results.

So I hear you say “well I’ll wait until I get motivated then I’ll take some action”.

But that will never happen trust me, it took me a long time work out that if I just take action any action at all then what will happen is that I will get a result and by getting a result I will gain belief.

Now the simple fact is people will not even attempt to try something they don’t believe they can do…so this is how I see it works:

Beliefs determine your understanding of your potential which leads to action, action creates results. Results create motivation and more belief and then more action automatically occurs.

Now is the time to take disciplined action and soon you will realise how true the above paragraph really is if you just apply youself.

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